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your vision is our project

regardless of the size, needs, style and budget of your project,

we'll find a way to make it happen

for projects in residential, office, hospitality & outdoor


we offer . . .

designcircle vienna architecture
. . . architecture

in collaboration with architects and designers, we can also design and execute the construction phases of a project. 
through the direct internal exchange, we simplify the project handling for our customers and can coordinate all planning phases and design elements from the very beginning.


we have already completed several projects with our partners and are looking forward to more. 

designcircle vienna interior design
. . . interior design

interior design is about bringing the pieces together to create a harmonious concept. 
we use paint, wallpaper and other decorative items to bring this concept to life.
this can be a completely new interior or a redesign of existing furniture and decor in any style and character.

we also sell individual interior pieces in our showroom, which also offers a direct viewing experience of our product range.

did you know ?

you can contact us at any stage of your project and we will work with you to make your dream come true

designcircle vienna kitchen
. . . kitchen

our showroom gives us the oppurtunity to show different style and price categories of kitchen.

additional we are offering a wide range of material options and technical solutions to create the dream kitchen.

thanks to our own assembly company, we can not only take care of the kitchen design, but also the execution and installation.

designcircle vienna lighting
. . . lighting

bringing light into the darkness or making room for darkness?

the right lighting is important in all areas of life and has developed into a cosmos of its own. together with our lighting partners and studios, we offer a wide range of atmospheric lighting for a comfortable atmosphere to architectural lighting for indoors and outdoors.

designcircle vienna lifestyle
. . . lifestyle

to innovate a new concept, we share our showroom with a variety of experts. exhibitions, cooking and lectures will be the first examples to complete our concept of combining get-togethers with sales advice in our showroom and bringing more style into everyone's life.

currently we proudly present the art collection of the clouds
by Petra von Kazinyan. we are excited to call great artists our
partners to offer more future exhibitions and cooperations in
our house. 

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